Across the UK, many well-established brands are facing a huge crisis which has seen consumers lose both faith and trust in them. Some brands are just not cutting it like they used to. They don’t seem to care as much as they once did.

Many huge brands including Ryanair and Uber have faced a dramatic reputational decline this last year, with many people vowing never to give Ryanair their custom again following the shock cancellation of thousands of flights last year. Many customers were left at home disappointed, or worse – stranded abroad after discovering their return flight was cancelled. The reputation of Ryanair hit an all-time low, and the airline was forced to dramatically reduce ticket prices to try and restore the consumers’ faith in them.

Ryanair are not alone in their damaged reputation. Brands across the country have been tarnished as unreliable and as reported in the Reputation Institute’s RepTrak Report, many people have said they do not trust brands to ‘do the right thing’.

Marketing, no, effective marketing is more crucial than ever. With consumers feeling increasingly frustrated and failing to put their trust in brands, it is more important than ever to leave a lasting positive impression in the mind of your target market.

This is an opportunity for the rest of us.

And Fill the Gap can help you achieve this.

Here at Fill the Gap Marketing, we understand how important it is to maintain the integrity of your brand to be able to sustain your customers’ confidence in your company. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to your organisation.

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