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Rachael Smith, our Marketing Director here at Fill the Gap Marketing is digging out her running shoes and will be taking part in The British Heart Foundation’s running event: MyMarathon. 

What is MyMarathon?

“MyMarathon is a marathon you can complete in a way that suits you! Whether these are the first miles you’ve ever run, you’re a pro who makes running look easy, or you decide you’d rather walk it, you can complete MyMarathon this May in any way that challenges you – as long as you cover 26.2 miles in 31 days. All of the funds raised by MyMarathon participants will be used to fund our life saving research.”

Want to find out more about MyMarathon? Click here.

Throughout the month of May, Rachael has made it her mission to run an entire marathon, completing it a little bit at a time, to raise money for this wonderful charity!


As we said before, a little sponsorship donation can go a long way as all proceeds will go towards funding life saving equipment and research! Over the last 50 years, previous donations and pledges have helped to half the death rates from heart and circulatory diseases in the UK. And that is an amazing achievement.

Support Rachael and help her make a difference this May. Sponsor her today.

Want to get involved? Click here to sign up and help raise money for The British Heart Foundation.

Thank you!