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Twitter has 328 million active users, and businesses all over the world have jumped on the social media platform to engage and communicate with potential customers. 63.5 percent of social media managers ranked Twitter as one of their top social media platforms in terms of return on investment (ROI). However, getting the result you want isn’t just about having the most followers, it’s about the quality of your followers.

You want to target people that are going to be interested and engage with your business the most, to potentially become your brand ambassadors by sharing your content with their own followers. So what can help you get high-quality followers?

 A killer Twitter bio. 160 characters… challenge accepted. Here are 4 tips to get you started on your killer Twitter bio:

  1. Don’t just leave this space empty

It may sound daunting having to try explain your business within such a small word count. You accepted the challenge the moment you signed up to Twitter, so you can’t back out now. Your potential followers wanted to know about your business as soon as they click on your profile so capture them with a small snippet of what your business does and the benefits of what you do.

  1. Twitter is a search tool, just like Google

Keep in mind keywords that your potential audience will use to find your business. Your potential followers are more likely to click ‘follow’ if they found you through a genuine keyword. They typed in what they were looking for and found it… all because of your bio.

  1. Don’t use a sentence from your website

You’ve got the chance to capture an audience using a different platform. So why not mix it up? If you just copy content from your website, as soon as they get directed to your website they could be discouraged to read your content because the first sentence is something they have already read.

  1. Don’t complicate things

Your business may be complicated, but your Twitter bio shouldn’t be. Try writing a description of your business then cut this down and take away the irrelevant words that don’t add value to your bio. Sometimes less is more.

Your Twitter bio is there to capture your audience’s attention, so use this opportunity to nurture the relevant people to follow your business. Tweet us at @FTGMarketing to show us your new Twitter bio!