How can you stand out from your competition to engage with your ideal customer? Take a look at what they are doing and do better. It’s time to grab your customers’ attention with great content.

Here are 4 tips to help you write the unexpected:

  1. Unpredictable

There is nothing worse than reading some content and already expecting the next sentence. You want to wow your audience, engage and attract new customers. Being predictable isn’t going to get you there.

  1. Simplicity

Let’s not get complicated. Simplicity is key. If your listeners do not understand your content, they will immediately switch off. Make sure your content flows and is easy to read. You want your customers to be clear on everything you have said, if they come away from your content confused, they are unlikely to follow up on your services.

  1. Be honest

Be you and stay true to your business. You’re a human speaking to another human so make sure your words are relatable and has understanding, without relevance you can’t be inspiring. Research your ideal customer and write as though you are talking to them – even create a visual if it makes writing easier. Portray your business honestly and create content that is meaningful and factual, don’t mislead your audience because it will put them off.

  1. Credibility

In this case, quality is much more impressive than quantity. Your audience want to read content they can trust and that has value. You might have started to think, how can I be unpredictable, simple, honest and get my audience to believe everything I am saying? Well that’s the tricky part – but if you master this you’re on your way to creating brilliant content. The higher the credibility the better, so back yourself up with realities and knowledge.

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