2016 has been a game changer for the marketing industry. With video online marketing booming and social media becoming a key marketing tactic, more businesses in 2016 have focused their energy on producing relevant and high quality marketing content for their customers, helping to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

To make sure we keep on our toes for 2017, let us talk about marketing trends we saw in 2016.

First we need to mention YouTube, which has been hugely used in 2016. Communication is easily performed across this platform and allows companies to grow their following, whilst communicating relevant content through video. Whether you are a large or small business, you are able to capture an audience within seconds, sharing what your company is all about and showcasing some of your work. YouTube also gives you the opportunity to share content over social media to increase audience views.

But what can we learn from this for 2017? What is clear is that in 2017, the use of video marketing will continue to grow. It is an easy to use platform that is accessible and free to use, allowing even a start-up company to increase brand awareness and reach their target audience effectively. Video content can be engaging and more personal than reading a piece of text, allowing your audience to become more knowledgeable of your business and guide your potential customers along the customer cycle.

2016 also saw the growth of the social media platform, Snapchat, and it being used as a marketing tactic for businesses. Whether that is by creating an account to endorse special promotions, showcasing your business, or creating filters for an audience to use and promote your business for you. Like video marketing, 2017 will see more companies turn to this marketing channel, allowing businesses to reach an audience that prefer viewing videos and using customers to endorse them.

This takes us onto our final marketing trend of 2016…live streaming. Allowing people to know what you are doing ‘in-the-moment’ is a popular trend that has occurred in 2016 on social media. With an increase of using LIVE streaming to share on Facebook and Instagram, this has allowed an audience to view a short glimpse into your everyday life and the personality of your business…but what does this mean for 2017? Instead of just preparing a certain time to post content, take into consideration that viewers love LIVE streaming and being part of something. Sometimes, it pays to be spontaneous.

Are you ready for a great year ahead?

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