Are you ready for 2017? It’s getting closer…

For many businesses, December is the time where operations start to slow down, many employees take annual leave and jobs that aren’t considered urgent get forgotten about until the New Year.

Unfortunately slowing down in December is the last thing your business should be doing, as now is the perfect time to get your marketing plan in place and ready for you to implement in the New Year.

For SMEs, developing a marketing plan can seem like a daunting task, but when done (and executed correctly), it can make the year ahead, the most profitable one ever.

To help you get your marketing plan ready for 2017, here are 4 marketing trends we predict for the New Year:

1.Data-Driven marketing will boom

Knowing your customers well has always been important for marketing, but with the amount of information that customers willingly give companies nowadays, it has never been so easy to predict consumer behaviour. The role of marketing is to make it easy for your customers to buy from you – using customer data to create meaningful customer relationships can help you do this. So, if you want to sell to more customers in 2017 and outshine your competitors, you’d better brush up on your analytical skills.

2.Social media won’t be everything

We’re not saying that social media marketing will slow down in 2017, it likely to be the opposite. However, we believe that companies that have been relying solely on social media to market their business will begin embracing a more integrated approach for their marketing strategy in order to achieve a better ROI and reach their customers more effectively. We predict that in 2017, many companies will reduce their spend on social and start investing in other market channels

3.Video will dominate

Consumers want information fast, and reading doesn’t do that anymore. Facebook knows this, which is why the use of video marketing has risen so much over the last year. Videos can demonstrate in a short space of time much more than a blog or email can do. If you’re the process of writing your marketing plan for the New Year, it may be beneficial to think how video marketing can be integrated.

4.The line between sales and marketing will begin to blur

The customer journey is becoming so vital, and companies that properly understand their customers will see the marketing and sales teams begin working more closely together to improve the sales process and engage with customers more effectively.

2017 is going to the year where technology dominates and customer experiences are expected to improve. Consumers are getting smarter, and markets are becoming saturated. Companies need to do even more than ever to stand out, and if there was one marketing activity you should focus on in the New Year, it is using customer data more strategically.

Are you ready for a great year ahead?

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