tape-measure-1420870-1920x1280Evaluating your marketing is just as important as planning it. Without measuring your success, how do you know if you’re targeting the right audience, using the best techniques or meeting your targets?

Measuring your marketing results doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. It can be as simple as asking your customers what they think of your services and asking new leads how they found out about you.

However, if you don’t want some extra tips on the more technical aspects of measuring your marketing success, then Fill the Gap are here to help.

  1. Use different email address or phone numbers
    Setting up a new email address or telephone number is easy, and this can help you recognise which campaigns have been most successful. For example, set up an email address with the name ‘myvalentine@yourcompany.com’ for a Valentine’s campaign and see how many responses you get to that email address.
  2. Customer surveys
    We’re a huge fan of customer surveys at Fill the Gap Marketing. And, although they’re already customers and may not have been recently targeted, they can give you useful insights into the quality of your services so that you can shout about your benefits.
  3. Check your open and click rates
    Using a free email marketing service like MailChimp, brings with it some handy analytics such as open rates and click rates, which can help you see which subject lines work best and what time of the day receives the most clicks.
  4. Keep track of conversions
    Keep a record of how many opportunities you turn into customers. Are there any patterns on which kind of prospects convert? This can help you refine who to target in the future and will save you from wasting your time on clients that aren’t worth the chase.

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