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For those who don’t know, an elevator pitch is how you would sell your business to someone in 20 to 30 seconds, the time it takes to complete an average elevator ride.

This elevator pitch isn’t just useful for selling, though – how often are you at a party or gathering and somebody says to you “What do you do for a living?”. It comes in handy to be able to describe what you do, and why you do it, in the space of about 30 seconds. Nobody likes a party pooper. (Where did that saying come from? We dread to think).

Here’s how to nail your elevator pitch, and make friends by doing so in under 30 seconds:

  1. Open with…
    The most relatable fact –
    Is it easy to explain what you do? As soon as the listener is confused, they will switch off and will begin to loath the information coming next. Start with something that everybody can understand. Eg. Instead of saying “I’m an operations manager for an agricultural film” you could say “I manage jobs and projects at a farming company…”. The first might sound more impressive, but it’s also much more vague.
  2. Follow that with…
    Something unique about your business –
    Ask yourself “Will my pitch be the same as someone else’s?”. To make it more unique (and interesting!) try to think of a way in which your job is more interesting than others. For example, if I’m in a room of Copywriters, I mention the most usual topics I have written about, to get a few chuckles from the room.
  3. End with…
    A reason to buy from you or leave them wanting more –
    Depending on whether you’re in a room full of networkers (close a sale) or at a social party (keep them talking), you should choose your closing few seconds wisely. Explain why you’re best suited for this role, maybe slip in a statistic that reflects your success or simply refer to yourself as the Indiana Jones of Agriculture.
  4. Repeat and Rehearse…
    Practice your pitch until you can say it slowly and clearly, while still keeping it below 30 seconds. Have you ever heard somebody pick up the phone and speak in a big blur because it’s been repeated too many times? Remember to take your time and it will sound more natural.

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