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For the majority of businesses, local promotion can be one of the best ways to bring about new business and customer loyalty.

But what is the best way to raise your profile locally?

We’ve put together some inside tips that should help you to increase your profile:

  1. Attend local networking events

We are huge believers in local networking, it forms an ideal environment to be seen and heard by other local companies. Even if none of the companies are immediately relevant, you’ll become front of mind if they hear of anybody that could use your services.

  1. Connecting with local companies online

LinkedIn is a particularly useful social network when it comes to making online connections with local companies. Once you’ve found a circle of local companies, it’s very easy to get your company name seen and heard. Twitter is also an ideal platform to publicly engage with other companies.

  1. Search engine marketing

This kind of marketing is ideal when targeting clients locally. With search engine marketing, you can define the search criteria and target people who meet your ideal requirements within a set boundary.

  1. Advertise on local channels

This is one of the most effective methods of promoting yourself to a local crowd, especially if you are selling an essential service. Advertising yourself on a platform such as a local radio station or newspaper, you will reach a specific audience that are already interested in local news and companies. For radio advertising, you may want to consider creating a slogan that will help listeners remember your name and contact details.

  1. Offers and signage that promote word of mouth

Another great way to get your name around, is to advertise your company name on the outside of your building. If your building is next to a busy road, don’t miss that opportunity to get noticed. Similarly, a small investment into vehicle branding is the same as daily advertising, while driving around the local area. You could consider adding a “recommend a friend for a free consultation” offer to the bottom of your emails, or print it on the back of your business card. Offers that encourage people to pass on your name is a great way to infiltrate a business circle.

Do you need any specific market advice for a new campaign? Have you considered asking your existing customers for useful feedback, to help you better target new prospects? Fill the Gap are always here to help share marketing expertise, we’d love to hear from you – 01522 837232.