Imagine that your customers are sat on a see-saw, somewhere between happy and unhappy.

How many of them are sat towards the happy end? Do you know?

More importantly, what do you do if you see them sliding towards the unhappy end? Would you know how to stop them sliding off completely?

children-playing-1172340-1598x1507Once a customer is lost, your reputation goes with them. So it makes sense that companies of all sizes are investing large chunks of their marketing budget into researching what their target market really wants.

Gaining a better understanding of your customers’ needs will help to keep them happy. Better still, it will help you to build stronger customer relationships and build a great reputation. It can also provide you with the ‘blueprints’ to attracting more customers.

But, how do you find out what your customers want? (Show me the money).

The answer is really simple; ask them.

After exchanging an experience with a customer, ask them to fill out a short but detailed customer feedback form. A great tool for this can be Survey Monkey.

When designing questions, use the magic mix and ask them:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • How

Their feedback will highlight areas you’re doing really well and will underline those areas that might be in need of improvement. Their insights will give you a better indication of how your actions are meeting their expectations. And then you can work on exceeding those expectations.

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P.S Be sure to ask what your customers like about your competitors too…it’s good to know where they are scoring points.