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Tis the season for decking the halls with emails.

Okay, we’ll stop with the Christmas based puns and get back to the matter at hand. We’re talking, of course, about email subject lines. 

According to a survey by Marketing Profs last year, open rates on emails rise during the holiday season, and it comes down to consumers looking to find the best deal over Christmas.

While your email could have the most amazing content and deals inside, it doesn’t matter if your subject line is poor.

Now is the time to compel your subscribers with engaging subject lines and action worthy content.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your Christmas email marketing:

  1. Personalise it

People love it when things get personalised. Think about it: which of these emails are you going to open? (Pretend your name is John)

a) ‘John, here are some great offers for you’

b) ‘Here are some great offers’

Your prospects will feel like you’re talking directly to them, rather than them thinking of you as just a ‘robot’ who wants their money. Most email marketing systems offer you an option to personalise your email subject line – give it a try. 

  1. Create excitement

Consumers love a good deal and especially around Christmas, people’s inboxes will be overflowing with ‘special offers’ and the ‘latest events’. A clever and thought provoking email will make you stand out in a busy inbox. We recommend using build up emails to a special offer to get people interested and increasing the chance of someone opening your email and going to your website.

  1. Do some testing and play around

Christmas is generally a time full of holiday cheer. Take advantage of these positive feelings by making your subject lines a bit quirky. If you’re a bit worried that the email subject line isn’t going to get the response you want, try some A/B testing (when you send the same email with 2 different subject lines to two groups) and see what gets a higher response rate.

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