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Objectives are vital to ensure the success of any project. It can be what steers you in the right direction and what helps you to reach that essential end goal. SMART objectives are something we use on a daily basis to ensure our clients know what they want to achieve, and shows them how their marketing can accomplish this.

Before any marketing activity begins, you need to know what you hope to achieve from it. Having no goal for your marketing is like going for a drive without knowing where you want to go. It’s all about planning time for some marketing thinking, before any marketing communicating begins. This will help to improve the return on your marketing investment.

So what exactly are SMART objectives? They are:

  1. Specific

It will work in your favour if objectives are specific. Whether that is a specific amount of sales, the number of people you would like to reach or a level of profit, specifying your key performance indicators will make it clear and rewarding when you achieve your goal.

  1. Measurable

Measuring your success is key to refining your processes. Keep tabs on what works and what doesn’t. If it isn’t working, make a change and try something else. This helps you to make the most of your marketing time and budget.

  1. Achievable

Your objectives must be achievable. If you have no chance of succeeding, there really is no point in setting that goal. More so, failure to achieve objectives will damage team morale. Set smaller and achievable goals, and then you’ll be able to reach your targets.

  1. Realistic

As nice as it would be to have superpowers, like the ability to control time, don’t challenge yourself to do 30 hours of work in 30 minutes. It may appear like a good objective but it is a failure waiting to happen. Stay realistic and that will help you to stay motivated.

  1. Time

The final step is all about keeping track of time and setting yourself deadlines that you can stick to. Clear deadlines give you something to work towards and sticking to these deadlines will keep you on top of your work load.

Do you need help getting a marketing plan ready for 2016? We’d love to help, call us on 01522 837232 or email lincoln@fillthegapmarketing.co.uk. Stay SMART.