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It’s that time of year again that all (well most) of us look forward to. John Lewis have graced us with another tear jerking Christmas advert.

The first Christmas advert by John Lewis that made a lot of us take notice was back in 2011, a story about a boy waiting eagerly for Christmas so he could give a present to his parents.

A year later, John Lewis returned with an advert showing a snowman going to great lengths to find the perfect present for someone very special, and in 2013, they produced a Disney style cartoon advert which followed the story of an unlikely pairing, the bear and the hare.

Just last year, we saw the amazing love story of Monty the Penguin that left many (okay all) of us in tears, and this morning at 8am (6th November), John Lewis released this year’s advert, titled ‘Man on the Moon’.

Watch it below:


We’ll give you a moment to wipe your eyes.

While many of us tolerate watching adverts, every year John Lewis gets us excited for the release of their Christmas advert…but why is this?

What makes us countdown to the release?

When it comes to John Lewis and their marketing, they do something fantastic. They don’t sell through advertising. On all their Christmas adverts, there is no sign of ‘sales’ or ‘buy our latest products’.

They simply tell a story. A powerful and emotive story that gets us all talking about John Lewis and sharing among our friends and family.

A lot of SMEs should take note from these John Lewis adverts. Consumers don’t like being sold to. The way companies make money is from creating trust and grabbing the attention of their audience.

Of course, not all of us have millions of pounds to create adverts like John Lewis, but it doesn’t cost much to tell a story.