Happy National Sandwich Day!

When you (we) really think about it, Fill the Gap are a lot like a sandwich ­– we have many layers, we provide you with great content and we fill your (stomach) gap.

But a marketing campaign is also a lot like a sandwich. Our clients tend to ask us: “What is a marketing campaign?” “How is it different from advertising?” “Can you break it down for us?” so, because it’s National Sandwich Day, we have decided to explain the concept of a marketing campaign in the form of building an epic sandwich.

We think it works pretty well.

Bread layer: the data

The first layer is the bread layer of your sandwich, it holds your campaign together and helps you get it from A to B (ie. your readers/mouth).

Butter layer: time

This second layer is the butter within your sandwich, the more time you put into your campaign, the easier it will be for your reader to digest.

Meat layer: content

This is the meaty layer of your sandwich. It’s the ultimate test of tastiness, will your reader be satisfied with the content they have just opened?

Lettuce and stuff layer: design and images

Don’t forget the condiments and overall presentation of your sandwich. You could have the best content and ingredients on the shelf, but you don’t want to ruin the experience with pixelated images.

Are you hungry now, too or is it just us? Why not grab a sandwich and then drop us an email if you’d like us to create some meaty content for your next campaign.