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We all love our clients but deep down we also have a few ‘dream clients’ who we’d really, really like to work with. How do you target these dream clients? We’re here to make your dreams a reality:

1. Send them a gift

Sending someone a gift always helps them notice you, this doesn’t have to be excessive, just something that they won’t want to throw away. Try and make your gift relate to what it is that you sell, so that they will associate that gift with your proposition. Don’t send gifts to too many people though, otherwise the recipient won’t feel as special as you want them to.

2. Interact with them on social media

Connecting and communicating with important decision makers on social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, will show your prospective clients that you care about what they are saying. People appreciate a follow and a reply more than you think. Don’t over-do it though; nobody wants to come across as obsessive.

3. Approach them at networking events

Approaching potential clients face-to-face is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and make a good lasting impression. At the Fill the Gap Marketing Academy, we see key connections being made very regularly. People are a lot more likely to remember your face than your email address.

4. Write them a personal letter

Writing somebody a letter is a lot more special than sending an email, it takes time, effort and the price of a stamp. Introduce yourself personally and ask for a meeting, at your expense. The worst they can say is no!

Before you start trying to attract your dream clients, take the time to research them. This way you can make sure that your proposition is something that would actually help them. Poorly targeting your marketing, or targeting too many people at once, will almost certainly result in failure.

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