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Many businesses that want to grow are hesitant about approaching marketing. Some feel they are doing fine as it is, or their current collection of customers are enough to see them by.

Others find it daunting, and do not really have the time to market their business –  they are certainly not alone. However the fundamental reason behind why many businesses shy away from marketing is because they think it is expensive.

The trick to overcoming this is to see marketing as an investment, rather than a cost. Think less of the money you are spending, and more of the extra revenue that marketing will bring into your business.

Imagine there was a larger than life cheque for £1000 with your name on it, but it was 100 miles away. You had to put £50 of petrol in your car to go and collect your cheque, but you gained more than you put in.

This is the kind of attitude that your business needs to get growing.

When outsourcing your marketing operations to an agency, you will gain not only increased revenue, but also increased time to concentrate on the things you are great at. Many companies think outsourcing involves handing over complete control of how people see your business, but this is not true. Good agencies will take your visions and objectives, and work with you to turn them into profitable marketing campaigns.

Think about a big organisation such as BMW. They invest over £40m annually in advertising and marketing, proving that even when you’re at the top, investing in marketing is still the way to grow and remain competitive.

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