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Running a successful business means talking to your customers regularly. A customer feedback surveys is one method of measuring the satisfaction or dissatisfaction that your customers or clients might have with the products or services you provide. It can help you build trust and relationships with your customers, and find out what areas of your business are running well or areas that need improving.

However, still many companies rarely conduct surveys. If you want to grow your business, you need to know your customers. A survey can help find the answer.

Here are a few tips on making sure your survey gets the best response and gains you valuable feedback:

1. Words are more important than numbers

In your survey, you should allow your customers to give actual feedback. If your customer rates you low, e.g. 1, what information do you get from that? Providing a box for comments allows you to know exactly what your customer likes or dislikes about your business.

2. Make your survey clear and well structured

Make sure it is easy to read and the questions don’t have a double meaning. If your clients do not understand one of the questions, they are likely to stop filling it in and you won’t get valuable feedback.

3. Ask permission first

Sending out an email before you send the survey to the customer/client is a nice courtesy and usually ensures a high response rate.

4. Follow up after your customer completes the questionnaire

Your survey feedback is worthless if you don’t take action on it. If customers have given negative feedback, talk to them and ask them how you can improve. They will appreciate the time you have taken in asking them for their thoughts and can give you feedback on how to make it better. With positive feedback, you can reward your customers/clients with a small token or even a thank you email.

5. Get someone external to conduct the survey

By having someone from outside your company conduct the survey, customers are more likely to speak freely and provide truthful answers. It also illustrates a high level of service to your associates.

Now you have all this feedback, what do you do with it?

If you have had a positive response from customers…great! Make sure you continue to provide this level of service within your business. Any negative or room for improvement feedback requires you to take action. Is there anything you can do differently? How can you make your products/services better?

By ignoring negative feedback, you are likely to lose your customers to your competitors. Just by simply talking with your clients, understanding their issues and helping to resolve them can keep them loyal.

Want to conduct customer surveys but don’t have the time? Fill the Gap Marketing can help. We can write a questionnaire tailored to your business needs and even collect and analyse the responses for you, allowing you time to continue running your business. For a FREE consultation, please call 01522 581 911 or email hello@fillthegapmarketing.co.uk.