When asked what the cheapest form of marketing is, I have often answered ‘Customer Service,’ . . . not because customer service is cheap, it might not be, but because you should be doing it anyway.

Nothing spreads the word and builds your reputation like great customer service. If you can go that extra mile and truly deliver something really good and totally unexpected, then you can enhance your reputation even more.

Many of you will know of MailChimp – the email solutions provider. I often use it to send out emails either on behalf of my customers or for my own marketing communications. I have always used the free version which is really good.  However this week I needed to upgrade to the paid version because I wanted to set up some autoresponders (more on how powerful they are another day).  The $10 a month package was sufficient, so I’m not talking a lot of money.

What happened next was the ‘wow’ we should all try to create in our marketing

I sent out my first campaign as a paid subscriber.  Nothing fancy and it only went to about 150 people.  The minute I hit send, I got an email from Mailchimp, it was entitled ‘A little surprise from Mailchimp,’ they were giving me a gift.  I clicked the link and it turned out they were going to send me a t-shirt.  They even asked what size I wanted.  Once I had confirmed my size, they told me my T-shirt was on the way and that I should wear it ‘like a hug, from us to you.’

In all honesty, I probably won’t wear it.  But that’s not the point.  I’m talking about it.  I feel like they are grateful for my business.  It fits in really well with the quirky personality of the brand.  And if I did wear it . . I would be walking advertisement for Mailchimp.  I almost feel obliged.

What ‘ wow’ can you build into your process to delight your customers?

Wishing you every success,

Jo Wilson

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