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Here’s a little story for you.  Happened today.  I thought it would be good to share with you . .

So I’m just having my lunch and my mobile rings.  I put down my coffee and run over to get my phone.

It is a company inviting me to visit their stand at an exhibition I have registered to attend.  I know the company.  I am a customer (well, I was).

The guy on the phone didn’t know that I was a customer (I have used them twice).  He certainly didn’t know I was a disgruntled customer –  very unhappy with the service and final product I received the last time I used them.

So I said thanks, but no thanks, I wouldn’t be visiting them and I must dash, my coffee is going cold . . .

I now feel even more certain that I will never use them again.

The lesson we can draw from this . . .

It is a good idea to invite people to your stand at an exhibition.  In fact it is virtually a must.

However, if you get a delegate list from the event organisers you must cross-check it against your own customer list.  Send existing customers a special invite.  Make them feel loved. (and not just the ones already registered, if you do it early enough you can invite all your  customers  to the exhibition if it’s relevant – although don’t forget that your competition might be there!).

If the phone call I received today had been from the company doing a customer satisfaction thing I would have aired my complaint and our relationship might have been salvaged.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  In my opinion the cheapest form of marketing is great customer service.  Not because great customer service is cheap, it might not be . . but because you should be doing it anyway.

Wishing you every success,

Jo Wilson